– Post surgical patients.
– People with Alopecia
– Chemotherapy patients, or people with some hair loss.
– Active people who swim, cycle, practice yoga, and many others don’t sweat it off like convenbtional makeup.
– People with allergies or skin sensitivities.
– Visually impaired and people with challenging motor skills.
– Males looking for natural feature enhancement.
– People who have a full schedule save time with permanent makeup.

HighBrows Lash Enhancement, Eye Liner & Lip Blush

Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement treatments are incredibly effective at drawing attention to the eyes and are used to create a variety of effects, from natural and subtle through to the dramatic.

Eyeliner: Permanent eyeliner is the basic color placement on upper and lower eyelids. Thickness, length, placement and color are based on client preference and the suggestion of an experienced artist.

Lash Enhancement: (Top lash enhancer/ Bottom lash enhancer) is the process of shading in the lash line with microscopic dots of pigment to give a thicker, fuller appearance to the lashes. By enhancing either the top and/or bottom lash line this adds extra definition without the “eyeliner look”. This is great for people who have cosmetic allergies, contact lenses or who simply do not
like to wear eyeliner, but feel they look too bare without it.

​Highly skilled lip treatmentsare the ultimate solution to bring color, definition and shape back to your lips. Whether aging has taken away your mouth appeal or you simply want to enhance what you already have, these techniques (or a combination of) will give you the results you are looking for.

Lip line: A natural looking lip liner will restore the shape of your lips and give your lip line more definition, while also correcting asymmetries.

Lip Blush: This method applies full coverage color or tint to your lips which gives a refreshed, fuller and more youthful look to pale or faded lips.


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