Microblading Eyebrows in Dallas

HighBrows Eye Couture

Lash Enhancement  $200-350

Eyeliner $250-450

In this session we will enhance and define with the intensity you desire.

6 week Perfecting Session included.



   Because You Owe It To Yourself

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YUMI Lashes 
 $159 With this keratin lash lift, your natural lashes are lifted up, fortified and tinted. This results in thick lashes with a beautiful curve upwards. 

Effortless Solutions

to Enhance your Natural Beauty

Brow Awakening Microblading

  • Are you  unhappy with your eyebrows ?​
  • Do you spend half an hour every morning trying to draw them on, only to see them disappear, smudged away ?
  • Do you long for the perfectly arched, natural brows you either never had or have lost ?

If so the ultra realistic technique perfected with the Brow Awakening is certainly one procedure you do not want to miss out on!  Introducing the latest technology in semi-permanent makeup. Highbrows, Brow Awakening microblading technique creates the most natural looking  3D eyebrows,  lasting anywhere from 1-3 years.  This innovative technique can eliminate the need for expensive eyebrow enhancement products while saving you effort and time in your daily routine! 

Microblading Eyebrows in Dallas   Yumi Lashes Keratin Lash Lift   Lash Enhancement  Lip Blush

​​​Brow Awakening microblading brows in Dallas

$700 includes Perfecting Session.

In this creation session, we will design, create and awaken your brows.

Lip Liner $325

Lip Blush $500

Bring color, definition and shape back to your lips. 

6 week Perfecting Session included.


for Brow Awakening 

Brief consultation to discuss the procedure, your lifestyle and preferences.  ​

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Perfecting Session

for Brow Awakening 

Complimentary - 4-6 weeks after Brow Awakening creation session